Great Dads
Happy Family
You can tell everything you want to know about a man by looking at his family because a man will put his time and money where his heart is.


     I grew up in the midwest and did not have the greatest home life.  My experiences with my family growing up did more to show me what I did not want my family to be like. 

     Today I have a 7 yo daughter who is in the 6th/7th grade.  I have a 4 yo daughter who is the creative genius behind alot of the comedy in out lives.  My wife is my one true love.  She is beautiful, smart, and unconditionally supportive of us all. 

     We are not perfect, but people are constantly coming up to us and saying, "I just love your family"...... etc.  We are everything I have wanted us to be.  I am a firm believer that there must be a father in the home.  The type of man that is in the home will directly be reflected in the circumstances that family finds themselves in.  A great dad equals better outcomes for all involved. 

     I am creating this blog to share the joy in our lives.  We do alot of incredible things as a family.  Always as a family.  I always say that if I cannot go somewhere with my wife and kids, then I do not need to be there.